Aviation gasoline


For many years, the gasoline B-91/115 has been one of the most popular types of fuel for general purpose aviation. This gasoline is intended for usage with piston engines that have a spark ignition system.

Our company LLC 'Ecotechnokhim' has its own production factory, which has all the necessary equipment for fuel output and meets the most rigid standards for the fuel production. We are able to provide proper storage and transportation conditions for storage and transportation of the products to the customers.


The complete cycle

The fuel for the aircrafts is checked after the production cycle is completed, during storage and before shipment, this fact is to our advantage. All criteria is determined by our own laboratory, which has its own fuels examination facility system. Storage tanks are always checked and meet all the requirements of the national standard GOST 1012-2013. Our tank farm, that occupies a large area, has a loading /discharge rack with 12 places for gasoline tank cars.


We offer:

  • Receiving, storage and shipping of oil products by lorry and train in gasoline tankers and gasoline tracks, laboratory control, preparation of all the necessary documents;
  • We recieve, process, store and ship the gas condensate and refined products (low-viscosity component of marine fuels with a sulfur content no more than 250 ppm, a solvent for industrial purposes).


We offer a tank farm of 10,45 thousand m3, consisting of:

  • Ten vertical steel casement tanks (1000 m3) with gas equalizing system,
  • Nine horizontal steel ground tanks (50 m3).

The total storage / accumulation space for pure hydrocarbons is 10 000 m3. Barrel series are for auto-filling with total volume of 450 m3. All tanks are equipped with the gas equalizing system for petroleum products, risers, circulation circuits that allows to produce the mixed types of fuels of various types according to GOST and TС.

The control of the filling level, temperature, oil supply in tanks RVS-1000 is carried out with modern level gauges. It is possible to discharge the three different kinds of oil products simultaneously maintaining their quality.

The fuel B-91/115 is manufactured by LLC 'Ecotechnokhim' in compliance with the national standard GOST 1012-2013. Here are more details about additives that help produce high-quality fuels:

  1. Antidetonants.
  2. Coloring agents. Identifying additives are used as a necessity to determine the type of fuel by color.
  3. Antioxidant supplements. They effectively prevent the formation of tar, other products of oxidation and the formation of lead compounds precipitation.
  4. Anti-corrosion additives. They allow to prevent corrosion in the fuel system of the aircraft.
  5. Anti-electrostatic agents. They do not allow the occurrence of the static electricity during the transfer of gasoline, filling the reservoirs and tanks.


Laboratory control


The modern laboratory helps to ensure that the fuel for airplanes has 100% match with the national standard GOST 1012-2013. The quality control laboratory for petroleum products is fully equipped with the necessary equipment to determine almost all of the criteria for pure hydrocarbons, including octane and cetane hydrocarbon bonds using the fuels examination facility system and the diesel fuels criteria measurement system.



The laboratory carefully and attentively conducts the following research:

  • the octane number determination by the motor method;
  • the fractional composition calculation;
  • the sulfur content calculation;
  • the percentage of lead and tetraethyl lead;
  • the density test;
  • the low heating value;
  • the crystallization temperature examination;
  • the corrosive effects examination;
  • the tar determination;
  • the examination of the vapor pressure;
  • the iodine index calculation;
  • the determination of esters;
  • the water extraction pH test;
  • the acidity test;
  • the oxidation stability test.


Top quality production

We have a clear understanding that the high quality of aircraft fuel is a guarantee for people's safety and preservation of many lives. So we are scrupulous about all the stages of the production cycle and we purchase the raw materials only from the reliable suppliers. A growing number of customers is the best proof of our professionalism.